Along with caring for our own people, we work beyond the boundaries of Halda Valley tea estate. Being a value based company, we thrive to create a long lasting impact in the lives of disabled children to ensure that they have control of their futures. We have partnered with LMRF Healthcare, founded by our Director Dr. Shamim Khan, so that we can not only bring smile to a disabled child’s face but also overwhelming happiness and joy to the whole family.


Lion Mukhlesur Rahman Foundation (LMRF) was established in 2001 with the purpose of providing free cleft lip/palate surgery and rehabilitation. It was the first such organization in the Chittagong to provide this unique kind of services. From its earliest days, LMRF has been primarily focused on providing out-of-the box healthcare services to the children born with Birth Defects. Moreover, the services continue to be free of cost. Eighteen years since it has been established, LMRF today has transformed into an organization that primarily deals with Childhood Disability. Lion Mukhlesur Rahman Foundation has been enrolled by Department of Social Welfare as well as NGO Bureau of Bangladesh in 2009.

Cure Cleft Project:

Cure Cleft project is a humanitarian initiative and core project of Lion Mukhlesur Rahman Foundation which was founded in July 2001 at the Centre Point Hospital, Chittagong. This project has come to reality with the extensive support and cooperation of our chief patron and pride of PNL Holdings Mr. Nader Khan who is a chief patron of this pride project. In April 2005 the project was shifted to new premise at Chittagong Lions Foundation Complex. Since its inception, LMRF has made amazing transformations happen successfully, helped to start a brand new lives and brought smile to near about 7000 cleft lip and palate patients in Chittagong division at full free of cost service.


In 2005, Lion Mukhlesur Rahman Plastic Surgery Hospital (LMRPSH) started its journey with the pointed hope of providing surgical service for cleft lip and palate patient. A necessary OT facility and limited indoor facility was included in that time, when Pedrollo NK Ltd. came forward to support financially. After a spell of time, it was turned into a modern, well-equipped and adequately staffed specialized facility with a space of 9000 sq. ft. full fledge facilitated hospital in 2009; while a renowned international cleft organization Smile Train U.S.A has made partnership with LMRPSH. Recently the hospital is renamed as LMRF Children’s Hospital with the vision of a special child health care service.