“Fertile soils, easing rainfall, warming sun and precise care in every processing step are all the elements that bring distinction to the Halda Valley brand and its premium-quality Black tea.”

When people generally talk of tea they often refer to black tea. Since 19th century when The British started its cultivation black tea has become an inseparable part of daily life. In order to add more value, Halda Valley produces black tea with passion and care. When the leaves are collected, the rule – “two leaves and the bud” is strictly followed to maintain high quality. These beautiful bright green leaves goes through withering process i.e. placed out in the sun that takes 14-18 hours depending on weather and humidity.

Then, comes rolling where the stems and leaf ribs are separated as far as possible and only the torn “meat” of the leaves is processed further. Fermentation is the most important step to bring the perfect color of the leaves and unfold its unique aroma. Gradually drying and sorting process is done with delicacy to ensure the best quality. With the help of experts and flawless production process, Halda Valley Black Tea gives pure taste of tea that is desired by the tea lovers.

Health benefits:

When staying healthy is the main purpose start the day with a cup of black tea. Black tea was discovered in China 4000 years ago and now it is the most popularly consumed beverage. Black tea mainly contains less caffeine compared to coffee. Moreover it has antioxidants and phytonutrients that help flush out toxins and heal your body. Heart is one of the vital organs and it helps to make oxygen available to the organs and cells to pumping oxygenated blood and helps to remove carbon dioxide from the organs and cells. Stress is most common enemy to everyone and black tea helps to get rid of it. According to a study conducted by University College London, tea can reduce stress hormones in the body and may relaxes our mind through their effects on  neurotransmitters in the brain. Instead of smoking tobacco or reaching out for a sweet to relieve stress, have a cup of black tea to get the solution.