“Exquisite, deep, alluring flavour with Camellia’s natural rich aroma, revives heart like serene lotus.”

Testing Notes

Revive with Imperial Flavor and Aroma

We are proud to announce that, for the first time in Bangladesh Halda Valley has produced The Dragon Well Green Tea. It all started with a friendly visit of Mr. Qiu Xueting, a well reputed and highly experienced Chinese Tea Master on 2014. He discovered some plants with shoots of young leaves and buds similar to Chinese plants, while roaming around our lush green garden.

With utter surprise and excitement, from following year a whole new chapter unveiled for Halda Valley, production and processing of the high grade and highly admired Green Tea in China, Dragon Well Green Tea started on April 2015.

Dragon Well green tea is a variety of pan-fried green teas that has a distinctive emerald-green and perfectly flattened shape along the inside vein of the leaf. Halda Valley Dragon Well Green Tea is distinguished by its exquisite, deep, long-lasting flavor. Our fine Dragon Well liquor has a beautiful yellow-green color that gives it a bitter sweet, strong aroma with an alluring quality. With extraordinarily high levels of the natural antioxidant ‘Catechin’, vitamin C and amino acids, this tea provides the richness of flavor that retains its intensity for a long time.