Nature Conservation

Nature conservation and landscape protection aim to protect and preserve cultural landscape that is aesthetically balanced, ecologically stable and productive in the long-term. In addition, Halda Valley aim to preserve the natural state of sites that have not yet sustained significant harm from human activity. The most valuable specially protected areas which are located at Narayanhat, Fatikchhari Upazila, Chittagong. It has become the model tea garden in Bangladesh with 635 hectors of total land, near Beautiful River Halda.

In addition to Specially Protected Areas in Halda Valley, there are methods of territorial protection whose regime is less strict. For preserved landscape complexes with modified or culture ecosystems and preserved features of the original residential architecture, which is established in Halda Valley. Our protection consists mainly in regulating building activities within the area, while their use for sport, recreation and tourism is promoted.

Notable landscape features are also of a territorial character – individual elements within the landscape that have an ecological or aesthetic value (forests, bogs, watercourses and water surfaces, lakes and floodplains). The landscape’s ecological stability is also aided by Territorial Systems of Ecological Stability, sites that are rich in species (biocentres) and interconnected by natural or artificial lines that allow for the migration of organisms (biocorridors).

The carefully designed and maintained system of specially protected areas, along with regulations concerning the individual protection of rare species, aims to preserve the populations of wild fauna and flora throughout the entire Tea Garden.