“The world of reality has its limit, the world of imagination is boundless.”

–Jean Jacques Rousseau

In the midst of Khagrachhari and Sitakundu high hill ranges of Chittagong gently flows the world famous river Halda. On her endless river path, here she became the lifeline of the Halda Valley;the lush green tea garden with pure environment to grow teas that excel in aroma and taste.

But the story behind is not as nice as Halda Valley appears now. When PNL Holding’s Chairman Mr. Nader Khan acquired this estate, nothing but wild bushes and rain forests were only remains. He had to start from the scratch with zero experience in tea industry. Only relying on his true love for nature and wild vision to bring a revolution in Bangladesh tea industry, he never looked back and eventually turned Halda Valley into the fastest growing and most prosperous tea estate in this country.

Green House Nursery

In 2013, we introduced state of the art; Greenhouse Horticulture for building nursery shades covered by UV nets for best protection and care of our BT-2 young plants. We consider this as the most modern GREENHOUSE NURSERY in Bangladesh with 15,00,000 plants capacity where latest technology IRRIGATION SYSTEM is applied for best care of young plants.


New plantation and maximum utilization of land is hard wired into our DNA. We use modern equipment like excavator, dumper truck, earth auger / drill machine to prepare the land for new plantation and our skilled plantation team is becoming more efficient day by day. As a result, we can extend our planted area as high as 50 hectors every year.


We proudly declare that Halda Valley is the sole garden in Bangladesh with 100% coverage of underground permanent irrigation system. This helps our Camellias specially the young ones, to revive in dry seasons and fight droughts, so survival rate is very high. By using world renowned water pump brand such as Pedrollo and SAER  from Italy with best quality HDPE pipe from Thailand, we make effective use of surface water for garden irrigation.


By avoiding the use of chemicals fertilizers in agriculture, Halda Valley started vermicomposting since 2017. With a target to produce 4,00,000kg per year, Halda Valley started with 100 beds that produces 1,23,000kg at present. Looking at the bright side of Vermicomposting; Halda Valley uses it around its 900 acres of its cultivated land to gift you quality agricultural products.

Factory & Production

In 2009 we have built a factory over 2.56 acres of land where we use modern machinery in every steps of production process. From rolling to drying the whole process is functioned using latest technology to ensure that the plucked leaves get its desired form to be world class standard tea.