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Red Robe Oolong Tea 100g

“Legendary virtue of healing and strong earthly flavour wash away all grime like raging waves” 

Big Red Robe (Da Hong Pao in Chinese) is one of the most famous and exclusive teas in the world. It is designated both a ‘Chinese Famous Tea’ and a ‘The Four Great Bushes’ tea. Da Hong Pao is the most expensive tea sold on the global market and is usually reserved for honored guests in China. It is a long leaf oolong tea with a sweet aroma, a unique woodsy character and fruity muscatel tones. It has a robust taste, but generally no bitterness. Only a few of the original bushes remain and they are highly guarded.

Da Hong Pao is a classic Wu Yi Rock Oolong tea from Fujian Province in China. With 600 years old legendary story of healing the Emperor’s mother of Ming Dynasty, this famous tea is now the most popular amongst all oolong teas. It’s slowly baked leaves results in traditional roasted flavors yet it has subtle sweet notes of exotic flowers. Halda Valley is truly proud to present her very own Red Robe Oolong Tea which has an earthly aroma with floral hints. The long lasting and very comforting taste and traditional healing characteristics of this very famous Halda Valley Oolong tea, make it a clear choice for tea admirers around the world.

Health benefits

The Red Robe Oolong tea is rich in polyphenols, L – Threonine amino acid, vitamin C that accounts for many of the great benefits tea has to offer. This oolong tea contains a moderate level of caffeine that may help you stay alert and focused throughout the day. The abundant antioxidants, like polyphenols increases metabolism by 10% and accelerate burning fats in belly and upper arm. This oolong tea also helps to regulate blood sugar levels and increases satiety. Researchers believe that the anti-allergic properties of polyphenols are responsible for healthy skin as they reduce eczema and atopic dermatitis. Japanese research shows that L – Threonine helps to relieve stress and calm the mind.

How to Steep

  1. Pre heat your cup with hot water for 1 minute then pour the water out
  2. Take 2 grams of Red Robe Oolong Tea in the warm cup
  3. Fill the cup with 95°C (205°F) hot pure water and enjoy the aroma
  4. Let the tea steep for 4 – 5 minutes and enjoy the great taste up to 8 infusions