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We have brought together most exquisite collection of taste, flavor and aroma. Our exclusive Gift Box consists of 4 different types of Garden Fresh Teas which are:

Content of sets:

Dragon Well Green Tea (15g × 2): Dragon well green teas has a distinctive emerald-green and perfectly flattened shape which offers delightful fragrance and aesthetic appearance that makes it an extremely rewarding tea.

Silver Needle White Tea (12g × 2): The lingering fragrance of our silver needle white tea is delicately floral, with a warmed sugar sweetness and soft mouth feel with a fresh aroma that has a delightful subtle citrusy nuance.

Golden Eyebrow Black Tea (12g × 2): Golden eyebrow black tea is made of delicate leaves that offers strong honey fragrance with distinctly mellow taste, releases spectrum of flavors to be proudly served in multiple infusions.

Halda Valley Black Tea (25g × 2): A well-balanced blend of strength and flavor sets this black tea apart. This tea produces a very stimulating cup with a full-bodied and earthy aroma that finishes with an intense flavor.

Color of box: BLACK

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