Our People

A worker’s love for the garden, hard work and dedication gives a garden the chance to flourish on its beauty. At present, Halda Valley has 350 permanent workers who inhabit within the estate, and 500 more come daily to earn their living. Most of them are from tribal group named Tripura. They stayed back   when Bangladesh were separated from India in 1947. They love to live in their own community keeping in their simple lifestyle and customs.

We have taken all possible measures to make sure all our people live a peaceful and healthy life. More than 200 houses had been built since the beginning along with necessary sanitation and pure water supply. We have built several wells with water purification system which provides safe drinking water as well as water for all household needs for entire inhabitants of Halda Valley. Mosques and temples were built near their colonies, where they perform their daily prayers and religious festivals.

In Halda Valley, we are also very careful to the health of all our people. We collaborated with a healthcare organization named LMRF Healthcare which arranges monthly health camps. In these camps, doctors, physiotherapists and nurses of LMRF Healthcare provide primary treatment, health and safety education to the workers and their family. All these services cost them nothing even the prescribed medicines.