• 1840

    European traders established the first subcontinental tea gardens in the port city of Chittagong, when plantations were set up beside the Chittagong Club using Chinese tea plants from the Calcutta Botanical Garden.
  • 1930

    Halda Valley registered as a new tea estate and started her journey under the management of the then tea board under British rule.
  • 1972

    After the liberation war, newly formed Bangladesh Govt. leased Halda Valley to a renowned business man and a steady production continued under his management.
  • 1984

    Halda Valley found a new owner. But since then this fertile land were kept completely disregarded and no cultivation happened for next 18 years.
  • 2003

    Mr Nader Khan stablished Halda Valley Tea Company and a new era of Halda Valley tea estate has begun under his passionate and visionary leadership.
  • 2005

    Within only 2 years of inception, Halda Valley produced and sold 9000 kgs of CTC black tea for the first time in Bangladesh Tea Auction.
  • 2010

    The intense care for nature of our impeccable management brought Halda Valley the glory of 1st prize for highest plantation in Bangladesh.
  • 2016

    Halda Valley opened a new chapter in Bangladesh tea history by exporting Dragon Well Green Tea for the first time in China.
  • 2017

    We have achieved exponential growth in CTC tea production and awarded for Highest yield per hector amongst all tea gardens in Bangladesh.
  • 2019

    For the first time Halda Valley exported all 3 Speciality Teas to Middle East and United Kingdom.