Halda Valley is a Chittagong based tea company founded by iconic business personality and philanthropist Mr. Nader Khan on 2003. With the love of nature and passion to make a difference in tea sector of Bangladesh, He devoted all his experience and talent since very beginning to create a masterpiece out of nothing. Within only 15 years of inception we became the highest yielding garden of Bangladesh, which had never happened in the history of Bangladesh Tea industry.

Through impeccable management and wealth of knowledge gained throughout the years, Halda Valley Tea Estate is now honored as model “A” category garden complemented by 100% permanent irrigation system and 99% clone tea plants spread over 900 acres of cultivated land. Surrounded by hill ranges of Khagrachari and Sitakundu, nourished by mother River Halda, Camellias of our lash green garden produces the perfect teas to add wonder to your daily life.

Tea has a 5000 years old heritage in ancient China and has been prepared and cherished with delicacy keeping it’s true flavor, aroma, strength and healthy ingredients intact. Halda Valley believes every people deserve to taste that delicacy from their cup of tea. To value this desire, we have diversified our production and introduced exceptional quality Dragon Well Green Tea and Silver Needle White Tea for the first time in Bangladesh. Our Dragon Well Green Tea had been exported and admired in China since 2016 and now it’s available along with Silver Needle White Tea for the first time in Bangladesh. These two exquisite teas offers truly satisfying cups of wellness to make you feel valued in every sip.


First ever tea plantation in Bangladesh as a trial on the slopes of the hills in Chittagong where the Chittagong Club now stands.


British traders established the first commercial tea estate in Fatikchhari area of Chittagong.


Halda Valley Tea Estate started journey under the rule of the then Gouripur Maharaja.


After the Partition of Bengal, East Pakistan government took of this estate along with 133 other tea estates of Chittagong & Sylhet region.


After the liberation war, newly formed Bangladesh Govt. leased Halda Valley to a renowned business man and a steady production continued under his management.


Halda Valley found a new owner. But since then this fertile land were kept completely disregarded and no cultivation happened for next 18 years.


Mr Nader Khan established Halda Valley Tea Company and a new era of Halda Valley tea estate has begun.


Sold 9000 kgs of CTC black tea for the first time in Bangladesh Tea Auction.


Cultivation of Dragon Fruit started with 500 imported cuttings from Thailand.


Awarded 1st prize for highest plantation in Bangladesh.


Halda Valley opened a new chapter in Bangladesh tea history by exporting Dragon Well Green Tea for the in China.


Achieved best tea estate award for highest production per hector of land.


Stepped up to the retail market for the first time by launching Dragon Well Green Tea and Silver Needle White Tea.