“Making tea is our passion as well as Pride and we do our best to ensure best value from each cup of your tea”
Nourished by calming rainfall, soft breeze and soothing temperature and cared by our garden team, Halda Valley Tea Estate is an award winning garden complemented by 100% permanent irrigation system covering 1100+ acres of cultivated land. Starting from the green house nursery to the factory, we have been able to make a perfect blend of state of the art technology and pure environment to grow tea that excel in aroma and taste.

But the story behind is not as nice as Halda Valley appears now. When iconic business personality and philanthropist Md. Nader Khan acquired this estate in 2003, nothing but wild bushes and rain forests were only remains. He had to start from the scratch with zero experience in tea industry. With the love of nature and passion to make a difference in tea industry of Bangladesh, He devoted all his passion and talent to create a masterpiece out of nothing. Now within only 17 years of inception, Halda Valley is the fastest growing, highest yielding and most prosperous tea estate in this country.
All of our efforts for making the highest quality tea comes from the sole purpose to offer you the true essence of home grown specialty tea. A true tea admirer like you deserves the tea which is rich in flavor, aroma with subtle characteristics that are packed garden fresh with care. Influenced by the natural blessing that the river valley offers, we are passionate to make Halda Valley a natural, authentic, unblended, single estate origin tea brand with highest global standard that you will not only fall in love but also be proud of Halda Valley
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Halda Valley is a tea estate where growth is hardwired into her DNA. Since 2010, we have achieved exponential growth in CTC tea production and awarded for Highest yield per hector amongst all tea gardens in Bangladesh. On 2020, we produced record 3380 kg CTC tea / hector against 1250 kg CTC tea / hector national average production.

Green House


Since 2013, we are using state of the art Green House structure for building nursery shades covered by UV nets for best protection and care of our BT 2 young plants. We have the most modern GREEN HOUSE NURSERY in Bangladesh with 15,00,000 plants capacity where latest technology IRRIGATION SYSTEM is applied for best care of young plants. .



Halda Valley is the sole garden in Bangladesh with 100% coverage of underground permanent irrigation system and ensures most effective use of surface water for garden irrigation. This helps our Camellias to revive in dry seasons and droughts, hence survival and production rate is so high.

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Natural Farming

To avoid excessive use of chemical fertilizers and harness mother nature’s abundance, Halda Valley adopted vermicomposting since 2017. With an annual target of 400 tons, we started producing this organic fertilizer with 100 beds. Mostly used for new plantations now, we are committed for highest use of vermicompost to offer you most natural and quality teas.