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Golden Eyebrow Black Tea 100g

A fascinating blend
of dark golden liquor
and mystique aroma
seduces mind for an
exotic voyage


Golden Eyebrow Black Tea is one of the most exquisite and innovative addition in Chinese Black Tea heritage, created on 2005. Halda Valley Golden Eyebrow Black Tea is also the newest member amongst all the Speciality Tea ranges. With direct supervision of famous Jin Jun Mei tea master Mr. Wong Shuliang, the journey of this tea started on August 2018 and now they are readily available in 2 attractive packs for local and export market.

Unlike original Chinese version, our Golden Eyebrow Black Tea is made of delicate handpicked one bud  that has several notable characteristics, beginning with its long, thin appearance just like an eyebrow. It offers strong honey and floral fragrance with distinctly honey-sweet & mellow taste. The colour of the liquor is a rather pale, translucent gold. This is truly a very rich, complex black tea to be served proudly that release spectrum of flavors to be enjoyed in multiple infusions.

Health benefits

Golden Eyebrow Black Tea is a fully fermented tea. Fermentation promotes the oxidization of polyphenols, which will produce Thearubigin and Theaflavin. They can combine with cholesterol in stomach and intestines, and reduce the amount of cholesterol absorbed from food. Thus this tea is helpful for protecting heart from hyperlipidemia and heart disease without side-effects. According to the terms used in Chinese medicine, Golden Eyebrow Tea, when taken 2 to 3 times a day (3-5 ounces), can also nourish the stomach, beautify the face, strengthen the immune system, calm the nerves, assist in weight reduction and slow the aging process.

How to Steep

  1. Pre heat your cup with hot water for 1 minute then pour the water out
  2. Take 2 – 3 grams of Golden Eyebrow Black Tea in the warm cup
  3. Fill the cup with 240 ml of 90°C (195°F) hot pure water and enjoy the aroma
  4. Let the tea steep for 4 – 5 minutes and enjoy the great taste up to 6 infusions